Podcast #5 Master: Leonora Carrington Modern: Betsey Johnson

This episode of the Masters and Mod Pod is a salute to two “mom” artists, women who have incorporated their families into their life of art!

The Temptation of Saint Anthony. Leonora Carrington

The Temptation of Saint Anthony. Leonora Carrington

Our first artist, Leonora Carrington,  (April 6, 1917- May 25, 2011) was a surrealist artist who was once linked romantically to Max Ernst and lived to the age of 94.  Her life was an amazing roller coaster of being an artist, daughter, lover, wife, and mother.  Teresa and Suzanne touch on her escaping from the Nazis, being in the circle of Peggy Guggenheim, Max Ernst, Picasso and others.  She also bucked the system, remaining true to her art and her artistic ambitions for her entire life.

Next we talk about the inimitable Betsey Johnson, the fashion designer who also

Betsey Johnson and Lulu

Betsey Johnson and Lulu

kept her arrow straight on the target of being herself and creating fashion that she loved to make.  Betsey Johnson is also a precursor to the Punk Rock movement, a large show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this summer is a testament to that movement and it’s founders.


Podcast #4 Photographer Bob Skinner


Wayne. Copyright Bob Skinner.

One of the advantages of having an art studio and gallery is that often artists will stop by, either to drop off artwork, see what’s on the walls or just to hang out.  When this happens we take the opportunity to ask our visitors as much as we can about what makes them do what they do.

Bob Skinner, whose photography is on display now at The Art Garage, was one of those artists who shared with us his vision for photography.  We spoke about the equipment, the medium itself and the psychology behind taking pictures.

What makes someone go up to someone or something and snap a photo?  What is it that created the impulse to capture it, and then reinterpret it using composition and the materials used?  We posed these and many other questions to Mr. Skinner and got some interesting answers.

Please excuse some of the quality of the sound, we are still experimenting with the equipment.  Here we used a mic directly attached to an iPhone and GarageBand.  It worked, but not as well as we hoped!

Bob Skinner’s work will be on display at The Art Garage from May 1st – June 5th.  Artist reception is on Friday evening, May 17th from 6-9pm.